Hair Extension Policies & Customer Service Information

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  • Quotations: All quotations are subject to availability and valid for 30 days from the time of quotation.

  • Delivery time: Hair orders usually take a minimum of 2 days to arrive once an order is placed. But can take longer depending on availability and if certain hair lengths/types fall under “special orders”, in which case, the timeframe will be advised at the time the order is placed or requested.

  • Deposit: We request a minimum €100 deposit (non-refundable, unless we receive cancellation notice within 24 hours). Deposit required for over 100 pieces is €150.

  • Loyalty discount: We offer an ongoing 10% loyalty discount on all subsequent applications purchased within six months of the first (or previous set) purchased.

  • Extension removal service: included free of charge for extensions fitted by C&A within six months of application (includes wash and blow-dry). This complimentary service also applies if a client is having a new set of extensions applied by C&A. Otherwise, we offer a removal service for extensions fitted by C&A at €50 per hour. We also provide a removal service for extensions fitted elsewhere at €100 per hour, unless a client intends having new set fitted by C&A - If which case we offer the removal service at €50 per hour.

  • Repairs: We will refit any bonds that come loose during the first 60 days of the set of extensions fitted by C&A, free of charge.

  • Great Lengths hair: quoted, sold and fitted in bundles/packets of 5.

  • Gold Fever hair: quoted, sold and fitted in bundles/packets of 25.

  • Maximum hair quantity recommendations: We do not recommend over 175 pieces (bonded hair), or over 35 Tapes.

NOTE: Cowboys & Angels Hairdressing reserves the right to amend our policies and prices from time to time without notice and at our discretion. These updates will be available to review on this page (and other pages on our website) and come into effect immediately when posted.