How Much Are Hair Extensions?

We are often asked: How much are hair extensions?

And, why do I need to have a (free) Consultation?

Great Lengths Extensions by Louise (150 by pieces of 45cm)

Great Lengths Extensions by Louise (150 by pieces of 45cm)

Every client's needs are different, and there is no set price for a "full head", or "half a head" as such. Although, if you've had extensions before and know the length, how many pieces, and the brand (Great Lengths or Gold Fever), we can quote you on these kinds of specific quantities (You can request a quotation by emailing our Customer Service address)

Otherwise, when it comes to hair extensions, every client has unique needs, and we want to ensure we meet those needs. We have several different extension hair options, colours, lengths. Some clients may require very little, and some may require a lot of hair to achieve the look they are seeking. Some may think Great Lengths is the way to go, when in fact Gold Fever or Prostyles might be a more suitable option.

Either way, we need to be with you to discuss these possibilities. Having extensions is a lifestyle choice that requires a commitment to care that ensures the maximum life expectancy for the hair that is chosen. So, who you are and the way you live will determine the type, quantity and length that we will recommend to work for you.

The price range and more info about who we are and what we do is available on our website.

We offer a Free Consultation service (specifically for hair extensions) which you can book online.

Hope that helps by way of introduction.



P.S. Our Before & After hair extension photo gallery is here.

GL Extensions (150by50cm) by Rachel - 3May2019 EDIT.png

PHOTO DETAILS: Before & After — 150 pieces of 50cm Great Lengths Extensions by Rachel